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CECILY GARDNER & SCOTT FULLER: "Original Demos" (Underbar CD med låtskrivarparet Cecily Gardner & Scott Fuller på det spanska skivbolaget Contante & Sonante! Med leadsång på 4 av CDns totalt 12 låtar av allas vår WARREN WIEBE!!! Limited Edition, endast tryckt i 1000 ex worldwide, numrerad upplaga!)
JON STRIDER: "Soul Reunion" (Ännu en ny stark CD med Mr Jon Strider, denna gången i en härlig soulig gospel-stil! Måste höras!)
STEVE PORCARO: "Someday/Somehow"
"Varje Ansikte Har Ett Namn"/"Every Face Has A Name" (Storsäljande efterfrågad prisvinnande dokumentär-DVD som bl.a. har vunnit Angelospriset år 2015 och som var Guldbaggenominerad! Den 28 april 1945 anländer ett stort antal överlevande från de tyska koncentrationslägren till hamnen i Malmö. Deras första steg i frihet filmas av svenska nyhetsfotografer. 70 år senare får de överlevande se dessa filmbilder för allra första gången någonsin. De återupplever känslorna av lycka, men också förvirringen och osäkerheten. Till slut upptäcker de sig själva - i en filmrulle från dagen då livet började igen. Flerfaldigt prisbelönta "Every Face Has A Name"/"Varje Ansikte Har Err Namn" är en film om befrielsens komplicerade ögonblick. Här följer dokumentärfilmaren Magnus Gerten upp det arbete som han påbörjade med den kritikerrosade dokumentärfilmen "Hoppets Hamn" som utgavs år 2011. Måste ses!
"Brotten Som Skakade Skåne" (Storsäljande populär dokumentär-DVD utgiven av Bilder I Syd med massvis av foton som berättar om häpnadsväckande brott som begåtts i Skåne och som innehåller följande brottshistorier: "Esarparn", "Rånarblondinen I Lund", "Miljonkuppen I Burlöv", "Massmorden På Östra Sjukhuset", "Bosse Dynamit Och AB Svenska Brott" samt NK-rånet I Malmö", allt presenterat med behaglig berättande speakerröst som gör det hela levande, samt kompletterat med filminslag kommentarer gjorda i nutid med Kvällspostens legendariske kände kriminalreporter Ulf Matson. Speltid: 80 minuter. Rekommenderas varmt! SEK 149:-)
LEIF CARLSSON: "Nils Ludvig Och Jag".
STEVE GADD BAND: "70 Strong".
SIMON PHILLIPS: "Protocol 3".
ANTHONY STRONG: "Stepping Out".
PETER MAJANEN: "Songs N' Secret Places".
LAVA: "Prime Time".
LAVA: "Cruisin'".
OZONE: "Self Defence".
URBAN SOUL: "Nothing Is Impossible".
VARIOUS ARTISTS: "Too Slow To Disco 2".
TRISTAN: "2nd Phase".
THE BEEZ: "Y-ysta'".
BETH HART: "Better Than Home".
TOTO: "XIV" (Yes! They're back! With a brand new great album from 2015 with favourite group TOTO! Their first studio album in 9 years! The NEW line up for TOTO this time on the album is: Joseph Williams - lead vocals, Steve Lukather - guitars/lead vocals/backing vocals/bass, David Paich - keyboards/piano/organ/leadvocals/backing vocals, Steve Porcaro - keyboards, Keith Carlock - drums, David Hungate - bass! Yes, the former TOTO bass player Nathan East has gone further to focus on his solo career and the first TOTO bass player David Hungate is back and has replaced him! David Hungate left TOTO in 1982 after the big time grammy winning album "TOTO IV", and is back after 33 years!!! And former TOTO drummer Simon Phillips who had played in TOTO since 1992 after the big lost of former TOTO drummer Jeff Porcaro, left the group in 2014 to focus on his solo career, and Keith Carlock - from Steely Dan - replaced the drummers place on this new TOTO album. The new TOTO album "XIV" also features Michael McDonald on backing vocals, Lenny Castro on percussion and others. The album is produced by keyboard maestro CJ Vanston. So... What are You waiting for?! This is A MUST HAVE! Quote: The drummer Keith Carlock is playing on the new TOTO album, but has after the album was recorded now left TOTO and he's back with Steely Dan again. The new drummer of TOTO "AFTER this album"/on tour is wellknown drummer Shannon Forrest.)
BRYAN DUNCAN: "Conversations" (Ex-Sweet Comfort Band-vocalist Bryan Duncan delivers an incredible strong CD full of great blue eyed soul! What a voice he got! Highly recomanded CD!)
AL JARREAU: "My old Friend - Celebrating George Duke" (Al Jarreau and friends are celebrating in a very slick groovy way keyboard maestro George Duke who passed away August 5th, 2013. Featuring: Al Jarreau, Gerald Albright, Patrice Rushen, Paul Jackson Jr, Stanley Clarke, John "Jr" Robinson, John Beasley, Marcus Miller, Gregg Phillinganes,
Lenny Castro, Boney James and others, with vocals also by Dianne Reeves, Lalah Hathaway, Jeffrey Osbourne, Kelly Price Dr. John, plus many more! Produced by John Burk, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller & Boney James! No bad line up eh?!)
RICHARD MARX: "Beautiful Goodbye" (Richard Marx's first studio album of new material in over a decade! Import!)
GINO VANNELLI: "Live In L.A." (Recorded live in L.A. in 2013! Released as both DVD and CD seperately! These two You got to have!!!)
ANDERS NORMAN: "Fragile" (The great Swedish very talented composer/vocalist/guitar player Anders Norman here with a compilation CD featuring in all 15 tracks including songs from his former released CD's, plus several previously unreleased songs and alternative versions that shows a little more of the rock side of Anders Norman! Featuring Tony Carey and others! Discover Anders Norman if You haven't already! He surely deserves it, and You'll surely thank me!)
JAN ZACHARIASSEN: "Shine" (Composer/guitar player/bass player Jan Zachariassen is since several years ago now living in Malmoe, Sweden, but has a background from Faraoe Islands. Here he delivers a great CD full of delicate smooth jazz, funky gospel and intimate acoustic ballads, both instrumental and with vocals by Regin Guttesen and others. Mixed & mastered by the famous often hired producer �li Poulsen!)
NATHAN EAST: "S/T" (The very famous bass player Nathan East who has nearly played with every one! For a long time bass player with Eric Clapton, and not for so long ago the bass player for some years of TOTO to just mention some of them! Here he is with his own solo CD! With lots of those cats that use to hire him! Featuring Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton and many, many more! You have to listen to this CD! The big band version of the Van Morrison-pened classic "Moondance" with fantastic vocals by Mr Michael McDonald will blow You away!)
LANGHOFF: "Safe Distance" (Wow! Danish Westcoast artist Langhoff really knocked us with this great big selling CD! If You just like us like artists and groups like for example Mr Mister and similar, this is surely the right one for You! Brilliant!)
BRIAN CULBERTSON: "Another Long Night Out" (The slick funky groovy talented and at the same time very laidback American keyboard player Brian Culbertson is back with his 14th CD! This time he has made a rerecording of his debut album from 1994 which was titled "Long Night Out", but this time - 20 years later - with very famous great very much hired studio musicians as for example Lee Ritenour, Chuck Loeb, Steve Lukather, Russ Freeman, Eric Marienthal, Candy Dulfer, Jonathan Butler, Ricky Peterson, Jimmy Haslip, Ricky Lawson, David Benoit, Paul Jackson Jr, Nathan East, and many, many more! What are You waiting for?! This is a real must have!)
COLORSTONE: "Steam" (The Swedish rock group Colorstone is back in 2014 with their 2nd album! Still much power in their arrangements and more catchy songs at the same time! Must be heard!)
KARIZMA: �Perfect Harmony� (3 CD, Import. An All-Star jazzfusion cast of INCREDIBLE great musicians: Keyboards : David Garfield; Guitar: Michael Landau, James Harrah, Tim Pierce;
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Carlos Vega, Oscar Seaton, Jeff Porcaro; Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Abraham Laboriel, Dean Cortez, Domenic Genova, John Pena, Neil Stubenhaus; Horns: Larry Klimas, Steve Tavaglione, Walt Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Nolan Shaheed, Ralf Rickert; Percussion: Lenny Castro, Richard Tokatz, Pat Murphy)
PAUL CARRACK: "Rain Or Shine" (2013) (The blue eyed soulman Paul Carrack releases another great album! 50% of the tracks is own material, and the other half is covers of great songs! What a voice he's got! Think of Ray Charles, but with a much better voice at least in my opinion!)
MARC JORDAN: A Perfect Day (2013) (This is probably the most beautiful record-release this year 2013! Canadian Westcoast-maestro Marc Jordan delivers here an outstanding smooth very laidback CD which sounds like a fantastic mix between the Tom Waits "telling-style" with some steel guitars way back in the background, and a hint of maybe the style on Bruce Hornsby on some up tempo tracks! We can asure You that the Music is so beautiful that it nearly gets You to tears! If You liked his former CD titled "Crucifix In Dreamland" from 2010, then You got to L-O-V-E this one! My favorite track on the CD? ALL OF THEM! But if I shall mention one single track, then it had to be "Hell Of A Ride"! Only available on import from Canada! If You're quick & hurry enough, then You maybe can lay Your hands on a copy that is autographed by Marc Jordan - to no extra cost! Also in stock at the moment: The former great laidback CD with Marc Jordan titled "Crucifix In Dreamland", a limited quantity as well of this CD is autographed to no extra cost! First ordered, first served!)
STATE COWS: The Second One (2013) (Yii-ha! The Swedish Westcoast Duo State Cows featuring Daniel Andersson & Stefan Olofsson with their 2nd release! This time EVEN better! And featuring Michael Landau, Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin, Peter Friestedt & many, many others! You got to hear & buy this great one!)
BILL CHAMPLIN/JOSEPH WILLIAMS/PETER FRIESTEDT ALL STAR BAND: Live In Concert (2013) (A Live recording released as a mixed DVD/CD-combo of this great Westcoast act on their tour in 2012 recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden, to a very resonable price! A Must Buy!)
BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA: Seesaw (2013) (This is these 2 great artists 2nd duo album, and those of You that like their former duo album from 2011 titled "Don't Explain" won't be disappointed at all! This one is as great s the former one! Pure soul mix with blues and some jazz, quite laidback! Buy!)
THIERRY CONDOR: Stuff Like That (2013) (Wow! Don't miss this great smooth groovy special imported Westcoast CD with this great vocalist Thierry Condor - from Switzerland!!! Mr Thierry Condor got a very beautiful smooth voice something in the some vein as/close to for example Mick Simply Red Hucknall, but Thierry Condor sings MUCH better! Including great songs penned by Tom Snow, Lee Ritenour, Donald Fagen, Eric Tagg, Phil Perry, and many others with great musicians as Jay Graydon, John JR Robinson, Russell Ferrante and many others!!! Don't miss this Beautiful groovy pearl! This is a real must have!)
FM: Rockville (2013) (The great "legendary" English AOR Group FM is back featuring Steve Overland at lead vocals as usual! It sounds as great now as it did already way back then in the end of the 80's! Turn it up in the loudspeakers!)
TOM SNOW/WARREN WIEBE: Original Demos (2013) (Yes! What a great CD released by the very interesting Spanish Westcoast label Contante & Sonante! Including 12 great penned song by the very often hired composer Tom Snow, here with lead vocals on ALL of the 12 tracks by the late great vocalist Warren Wiebe!!! (R.I.P.) This CD is only released in a very Limited Edition: released in only 1000 numbered copies, then it's gone! So You better hurry up! Only a few copies is left of it! After that You have to try to find it on Ebay and other places like that!)
BOZ SCAGGS: Memphis (2013) (Boz is REALLY the REAL Boss! And has ALWAYS been! Here he's back with a very beautiful laidback album, full of great covered songs recorded before by other famous artists & groups like Mink DeVille, Moon Martin, Steely Dan, Tony Joe White and many others. In other words great intimate songs as well as one of his own songs! This album will for 100% sure make You really feel good! Don't miss this great one!)
PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN: S/T (2013) (Newly formed supergroup with the musicians Dog Pinnick - bass player from the group King's X, Eric Gales - solo artist on guitar, and Thomas Pridgen - former drummer of the group Mars Volta! Real rough cool licks and songs in the middle between hard rock and progressive rock! A big selling surprising CD! Must be heard!)
BLUE SKY RIDERS: Finally Home (2013) (Here's the new formed supergroup Blue Sky Riders with their debut CD featuring 3 great wellknown artists: Kenny Loggins - need we say more?, Gary Burr - great songwriter, solo artist and former member of Pure Prairie League, and Georgia Middleman - great songwriter & solo artist. the kind of Music that thje're playing is a great mixed blend of Westcoast, country and sometimes maybe a little like Fleetwood Mac! Great songs with 3 great singers and wonderful harmony vocals as well! This sounds really great!)
JON STRIDER: Road Kill/Working Girl (2013) (A brand new 2-tracks CD-single-release by the great American singer/songwriter Mr Jon Strider from Malmoe! This 2 tracks won't be available elsewhere on any forthcoming release, and will only be available at this CD-single, and it's only available at Blue Desert Music, and for a quite limited time, so hurry up! Must be heard! This is great!)
STEVE LUKATHER: Transition (2013) (Brand new album with TOTO maestro Mr Steve Lukather! Full of great written songs, with great arrangements! Listen to the beautiful version of Charlie Chaplin's great song "Smile"!)
ERIC GALES: Live (2012) (Import - Incredible great live album with this left handed bluesguitar wizard very much like a mix of Jimi Hendrix meets Steve Ray Vaughan & maybe Lenny Kravitz!! Hurry up: The Limited Edition issue of this CD includes a full length Live-DVD!!!)
SAMUEL LJUNGBLAHD/OLE B�RUD: Someday at Christmas (2012) (Brand new release of a Christmas CD with these two great vocalists, performing old standards in new shapes, as well as far example a great cover of the beautiful Richard Page Christmas song "I Always Cry At Christmas"! This is SOO slick & SOO groovy and will put You in the christmas mood when that time comes!)
RICHARD MARX: Christmas Spirit (2012) (Richard Marx has delivered many great albums over the years, and in the last years he has been very productive releasing great interesting CD's and Live-DVD's. But this Christmas CD really hits me! It got so beautiful soft arrangements delivered by Mr Marx's wonderful voice! And a duet with the legendary Kenny Loggins as well! The CD includes 11 all time Christmas classics plus 2 new written Christmas originals penned by Richard Marx! This CD will make Your Christmas great! Buy to Yourself or give away as a present to someone You love!)
LEE RITENOUR: Rhythm Sessions (2012) (Jazz/Fusion Guitar Maestro is back with a brilliant new CD! featuring his old friends: George Duke, Dave Grusin, Stanley Clarke, Kurt Elling, Dave Weckl, Nathan East, Patrice Rushen, Will Kennedy, Chick Corea, Alan Pasqua, Larry Goldings, Peter Erskine, Vinnie Colaiuta, John Beasley, Tal Wilkenfield, Marcus Miller, need I say more?!)
BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION: Afterglow (2012) (Yes! The hard rock super-group - featuring Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Derek sherininan & Jason Bonham - is back with their 4th CD! Still as great as usual! With a hint of Led Zeppelin & maybe The Who?! The first Limited Edition of the CD features a Bonus-DVD! First Ordered, First Served...!)
PAUL GILBERT: Vibrato (2012) (Racer X/Mr Big-axeman with a brand new solo guitar album! With licks and veins that smells quite a lot of... Frank Zappa!)
CHRIS THOMPSON: Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (2012) (Former Manfred Mann's Earth Band/Night-lead vocalist is back! The man with the great voice this time delivers a Big Band Swing CD from the Duke Ellington/Hoagy Carmichael songbook! As a bonus: A Big Band version of the great Manfred Mann's Earth Band-song "Davy's On The Road Again"! Is there any vocalist with a more interesting voice than Mr. Thompson? Nada!)
BETH HART: Bang Bang Boom Boom (2012) (Female great vocalist Beth Hart is back with an incredible great solo album! Her last released album was together with Joe Bonamassa titled "Don't Explain" who showed her in the jazzy soulful blues mood! This time is just as great! Or even greater! This is a big selling CD in the same style! Listen to it and You will get hhoked and will know why...)
STEVE VAI: The Story Of Light (2012) ((Super guitar player who had almost played with almost anybody: From Frank Zappa to Whitesnake! Now with a brand new solo album! Released in 2 editions: CD with 12 tracks, or the Limited Edition Digibook which except the CD with it's 32 pages of photos & liner notes, also includes a Bonus-DVD with song-by-song breakdowns interviews, etc! Don't miss him at the concert at Kulturbolaget on November 24th! Tickets available at Blue Desert Music! First Ordered, First Servered...)
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Songs OF The Century - An All Star Tribute To Supertramp (2012) (Famous wellknown vocalists and musicians makes their tribute to the legendary supergroup Supertramp! What about John Wetton, Rick Wakeman, Richard Page, Mickey Thomas, Joe Lynn Turner, Colin Moulding, Billy Sherwood, Steve Morse, Steve Porcaro, Peter Banks, Tony Levin, Geoff Downes, Rod Argent, Tony Kaye & many, many others! Close the the originals, but fresher! Must be heard!)
DON FELDER: Road To Forever (2012) (Former Eagles-guitar player Don Felder is back! The man that co-wrote for example their biggest hit "Hotel California"! Last time he released a solo album was in 1983! Now - 29 years later - his back more than ever! If You like Eagles then this one is for You! Featuring David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, steve Lukather, David Paich and others! Don't miss this great CD!)
NILSON: For Better Or Worse (2012) (The Swedish artist with name Nilson actually got a first name as well: His name is Bo. Nilson is living in Landskrona which is a town in the south of Sweden. Bo Nilsson has been musician for many years, and this solo album is the proof of it. This is e great album which is a mix of traditinal rock with inbluences of blues, soul, cajun, bluegrass & country! perfect for those of us that like Mark Knopfler, Tom Waits and similar artists. It's recorded & written in Sweden, but sounds more than a lot of America...)
STEFAN LINDGREN: Jazzish (2012) (The Swedish vocalist Stefan Lindgren was before a drummer in heavy rock bands until he made up his mind recording great westcoast music in the same vein as for example artists like Gino Vannelli and others. Slick tight music that gets You into a very ggod mood! Must be heard!)
PETER MARTINSSON GROUP: Guitar State Of Mind (2012) (Hold Your horses! Don't miss this incredible great Swedish guitar blues based trio who will blow Your heads of! Once it sounds like Mr Jimi Hendrix, next time it's very slick & groovy! I'm really impressed! There's NO weak track at all on this album! Special imported - released by guitar label Grooveyard Records with no distribution in Sweden! This is a REAL treasure which is quite unknown - so far...)
RICHARD PAGE: Songs From The Sketchbook (2012) (Our big hero from Pages/Mr Mister/3rd Matinee is back with a brand new solo album! Or actually it's 10 previously unreleased very great songs that Mr Page has been written over the years which has never before been released! Full produced with good sound quality! Only available at special import! A real Must Have!)
RICHARD MARX: A Night Out With Friends (2012) (All time favorite Richard Marx is back with another release! This time a great Live-DVD/CD-combo recorded at the PBS TV series titled "Front Row Center" where the DVD includes 21 tracks both with a full band and acoustic as well featuring guests as the great actor Hugh Jackman, Vertical Horizon vocalist Matt Scannell, N'Sync vocalist JC Chasez, plus Sara Niemitz, and others. The CD includes 10 tracks taken from this DVD concert PLUS 2 brand new previously unreleased studio recordings! Import.)
JIMMIE VAN ZANT: Feels Like Freedom (2012) (Brand new southern rock CD from Jimmie who is the cousin of the Lynyrd Skynyrd/38 Special-brothers Ronnie, Johnny & Donnie! Jimmie blends a great perfect mix of southern rock mixed with a little touch country! Import.)
ROBBIE DUPREE: Arc Of A Romance (2012) (Brand new recorded 4 tracks-CD-EP with our smooth westcoast-hero including 4 covers unavailable elsewhere! On Import of course.)
KILIMANJARO: Open Your Heart (2012) (Pure smooth slick westcoast from this talented Swedish band! For all of You who loves TOTO, TOTO & TOTO! Great songs & arrangements! Great guitar playing for all you fans of Steve Lukather & Jay Graydon out there! Discover this great group!)
MEZZOFORTE: Islands (2012) (Our jazzfusion favorite group from iceland is back with a brand new album! This time a little less funky and more in the jazz vein! Very beautiful & groovy at the same time! Must be heard!)
GLENN FREY: After Hours (2012) (Eagles vocalist/guitar player is back with a great very smooth beautiful laidback album performing great cover songs! Released in 2 editions, the DeLuxe Edition includes more tracks!)
JOE WALSH: Analog Man (2012) (Eagles lead guitar player is back with another great interesting album! Produced by Jeff Lynne! Released in 2 editions, the DeLuxe Edition includes more tracks plus a Live-DVD with a few tracks & interview as well.)
RICHARD MARX: Inside My Head (2012) (Mr Marx has released a special release for Europe: A double CD with CD 1 is a mixed compilation of quite new tracks which has been quite hard to get the hands on - released before by Richard Marx on his own label on his web site - as well as a few previously unreleased new tracks! CD 2 is titled "Hits" where Mr Marx has rearranged and rerecorded his earlier hits in completely new fresh some times heavier versions far, far away from the original versions! This 2nd CD is 100% identical to the 2nd CD in the great Walmart-Edition of the 3-Disc-CD/DVD-combo titled "Stories To Tell".)
ANDREAS ALEMAN: It's The Journey (2012) (Super-slick super-funky super-groovy great 2nd with this Swedish great artist!)
WALTER TROUT: Blues For The Modern Daze (2012) (Incredible great brand new CD with the legendary blues guitar player/singer! Released in 2 different editions, where the Limited Edition version of the CD has the same tracks as the normal edition, but with a beautiful thick booklet!)
AOR: The Colors Of L.A. (2012) (French man Fr�d�ric Slama is back with his 10th AOR/FM-rock-release! Great line up this time as well as always: Bill Champlin, Geir R�nning, Rick Riso, Jerry Hludzik, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Lukather, David Foster, Michael Thompson, Michael Landau, Peter Friestedt, Randy Goodrum, Tommy Denander and many, many more! Quite impressing!)
CLAES VIRDEBORN: Olinjerat (2012) (Den svenske artisten Claes Virdeborn med sina kluriga texter blev snabbt en radiofavorit med sin föregående CD "Sanningar" ifrån år 2005 där han bl.a. gjorde en underbar tolkning av Cornelis Vreeswijk's "Brev Från Kolonin" som i Virdeborns version hette "Brev Från Äldrevården" som berättade den skrämmande sanningen hur pass vedervärdigt våra kära gamlingar får & har det på ålderns höst. Nu är Claes Virdeborn tillbaka med en ny CD: uppföljaren "Olinjerat" med minst sagt lika kluriga humoristiska texter! Totalt 10 låtar. Favoritlåt: "Gör Det nu".)
CLAES VIRDEBORN: Sanningar (2005) (Här är den! CDn som bl.a. innehåller radiofavoriten "Brev Från Äldrevården" som är en underbar slagkraftig omtolkning av Cornelis Vreeswijk's "Brev Från Kolonin". Totalt 11 låtar med kluriga humoristiska texter!
JACOB HUDDÉN: Se Men Inte Röra (2011) (Duktig låtskrivare ifrån Norrköping vars musik borde fans av musik typ t.ex. Eric Gadd & Frank/Edin Ådahl/Wille Crawford som en handske! Samtliga plattans 14 bra souliga sköna gungiga småfunkiga låtar på svenska av ypperlig kvalitet som verkligen berör!
IT BITES: Map Of The Past (2012) (The English Progressive great rock group is back with a brilliant concept album with their new vocalist John Mitchell who appeared on their last album! The album comes in 3 editions: Single CD, double-CD with bonus-Live-CD and a Double Vinyl-LP with a CD with the same tracks as the Double Vinyl-LP/single CD! Vinyl-LP & Single CD don't use to be in stock = to be ordered!)
STUDIO TAN: S/T (2012) (The Swedish jazz/jazzfusion studio maffia allied on the same CD: Per Lindvall, Lars "Denmark" Danielsson, Henrik Janson, Daniel Fridell with special guests: Nils Landgren, Rigmor Gustafsson, Anton Eger, Magnus Lindgren, Marius Neset & Vicky Singh! It's so smooth & funky at the same time! You must listen to this!)
JOE BONAMASSA: Live At The Beacon Theatre (2012) (Brand new great Live-DVD featuring Beth Hart, John Hiatt, Paul Rodgers, David Crosby! Must be seen! Don't also miss the brand new Bonamassa CD-release "Driving Towards The Daylight" from 2012!)
FLYING COLORS: Flying Colors (2012) (Great CD project with members of Dream Theater, Spock's Beard and others!)
SOLEIL MOON: On The Way To Everything (2011) (Great pop/rockalbum with American band Soleil Moon featuring maybe one of the best rock voices I've ever have heard for a very, very long time! The vocalist Larry King really knocks You! This is their 2nd album, featuring maestro Michael Thompson on guitar and others! Only avalable on special import! We have some autographed copies by Mr Larry King! Finders Keepers... Larry King is also the new vocalist of Michael Thompson Band! Don't miss their brand new CD titled "Future Past"!)
SOLEIL MOON: Worlds Apart (2000) (This is the first CD of Soleil Moon! Incredible great and little softer album than their new album! Only available on special import! We have some autographed copies by Mr Larry King! Finders Keepers...)
MATT SCHOFIELD: Anything But Time (Great British blues guitar player who belongs to the Top Ten guitar players in England - among with Eric Clapton, Peter Green)
ROD PRICE: Open (Released in 2002, Legendary past Foghat leadguitarist left us in 2005. Here he plays great guitar boogie/blues with slide & harmonica so the loudspeakers nearly goes to pieces!)
DION: Tank Full Of Blues (2012) (Legendary 73 years old Dion DiMucchi from famous Dion & The Belmonts is back with a great impressing swamp/Mississippi-delta blues CD! A must have!)
NED DOHENY: The Darkness Beyond The Fire (Great groovy CD with newly re-recordings of his great songs with very impressing featuring musicians! We got a limited stock of autographed copies of it!)
COLORSTONE: Into The Garden... (Swedish rockers great debut-CD including 17 tracks plus a Bonus-DVD! Featuring Fredrik Bergengren from Time Gallery and others)
CROSSFADE: Secret Love (Swedish slick westcoast group with their 2nd album! Featuring Göran Edman on vocals, Per Lindvall on drums & others! Includes both CD & a DVD mixed in 5.1 Surround! In other words: Every audophile's wet dream!)
SOLO: This Is For You (Swedish great impressing westcoast pop debut with the artist Solo = Petter Boström)
RICHARD MARX: Stories To Tell (2011) (This is a CD which not should be mixed up with the album released in Europe with the same title! This is something complete different! This is the Wallmart Special Edition only available from U.S.A.! A 3 Disc-set CD/DVD-combo including 2 CD's and 1 full length Live-DVD! Disc 1 is a CD includind great acoustic versions of songs written by Richard Marx which either has made Richard Marx as famous as he is, as well as songs that has been released with other artists! Real great versions! Disc 2 is a CD titled "The Best Of Richard Marx" where Mr Marx has rearranged and rerecorded his earlier hits in completely new fresh some times heavier versions far, far away from the original versions! This 2nd CD is 100% identical to the 2nd CD in the later European release titled "Inside My Head". Disc 3 is a incredible great Live-DVD titled "Live At Shepherd's Bush" which is very intimate great acoustic Live concert including a string section. Import - to an incredible great price!)
BILL LABOUNTY: Time Starts Now - The Defintive Anthology 75/11 (Incredible great 4-CD-Box with Maestro Bill LaBounty featuring 70 tracks taken from his very first "Promised Love"-album from 1975, plus including 18 previously unreleased demos plus some tracks that never has seen the daylight before on CD! All the 10 tracks from the great tracks from his self titled 1982-album is featured in the box! Booklet on 16 pages with liner notes written by LaBounty himself! Yii-haah! Only on Import from France! But what a heck! This is a REAL "must have"!)
FERGIE FREDERIKSEN: Happiness Is The Road (TOTO "Isolation"-vocalist is back with a great album! R.I.P.)
BOBBY KIMBALL/JIMI JAMISON: Kimball/Jamison (Yes! Ex-TOTO/YOSO-vocalist Bobby Kimball together with great Survivor-vocalist Jimi Jamison! Great AOR album featuring a bonus-DVD!)
VIKTORIA TOLSTOY: Letter To Herbie (Swedish great female vocalist makes a beautiful groovy funky tribute to Maestro Herbie Hancock!)
BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA: Don't Explain (Brilliant laidback blues/soul-duet-CD! 2 different editions available: The Limited Edition version of the album features 4 acoustic bonus tracks!)
LESLIE WEST: Unusual Suspects (Brand new CD featuring Steve Lukarther, Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Billy F. Gibbons, Zakk Wylde & others!)
DEREK SHERINIAN: Oceana (Brand new instrumental jazzfusion solo CD with the Black Country Communion/former Dream Theater keyboard player featuring Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips Steve Stevens, Tony Macalpine, Dough Aldrich, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Franklin & others!)
WORK OF ART: In Progress (Great Swedish AOR,! First class! Their 2nd CD!)
ERIC GALES: Transformation (Great Blues Rock CD like a mix between Hendrix & Kravitz!)
TOBY HITCHCOCK: Mercury's Down (Great AOR solo album from former Pride Of Lions vocalist!)
TOTO: In The Blink Of An Eye 1977-2011 (Double-CD, Japan Only, Blu-Spec CD)
DOOBIE BROTHERS: Live At The Greek Theatre 1982 (The Farewell Tour) (DVD & Seperate CD)
GINO VANNELLI & METROPOLE ORCHESTRA: The North Sea Jazz Festival 2002 (DVD & Seperate CD)
TOTO & Friends: S/T (= Live - Tribute To Jeff Porcaro 1992! Double-CD feat. Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen, Don Henley, Eddie Van Halen & others!)
JOHANNES ZETTERBERG: Painter's Picture (His 2nd album: Swedish super jazzfusion! Just as good as his solo debut! I'm stunned!)
BRONK: Bronk 2 (Super-fusion group Per Lindvall, Staffan Astner & Sven Lindvall is back with their 2nd album! Feat, Eric Bibb, Sven Zetterberg & others!)
JOSEPH WILLIAMS/PETER FRIESTEDT: Williams Friestedt (TOTO vocalist with new great release!)
OLE BÖRUD: Keep Movin (Norwegian funky maestro that will blow Your hat of! Here's his 3rd solo album! It's Fonkey-time!)
PAUL YOUNG: Chronicles (Late lead vocalist of Mike & The Mechanics/Sad Café! Incredible great postumed released lost album! Must be heard!)
TOWER OF POWER: 40th Anniversary (Released as both Live-DVD and Live-DVD/CD-combo)
LARRY CARLTON: The Sound Of Philadelphia (Feat. Bill Labounty on lad vocals on 2 tracks! Both as CD & CD/DVD combo!)
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Highlights & Rarities (A Compilation CD from the westcoast label Contante & Sonante featuring 4 songs with super all time favourite vocalist - the late Warren Wiebe! Plus Bill Champlin, Bill Cantos, Frank Ådahl, Ole Börud, Sunho Lim & many others! In all this great CD includes 18 awesome tracks! A Must Have! Released in a very Limited Numbered Edition of 1000 copies!)
RAY KENNEDY: "S/T" (Yes! Rereleased remastered version of this cult gem from 1980 that used to be released in expensive Japan import which has been deleted for quite many years! The album was produced by David Foster and "almost everybody" are featured on it! Now with bonus tracks, and released on USA by the label Real Gone Music! Buy it! This is SO westcoast!)
MARC JORDAN: "Blue Desert" (Re-release in 2014 of this alltime Cult-Classic Westcoast CD from 1979 where everybody in the L.A. studio musicians is featured: Marc Jordan, Jay Graydon, Michael Omartian, Ray Parker Jr., Dean Parks, Abraham Laboriel, Ralph Humphreys, Ernie Watts, Greg Mathieson, Jeff Porcaro, Venette Gloud, Jim Keltner, Bill Champlin, Marcy Levy, Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, Tom Kelly, Steve Porcaro, Buzz Ramar, Carmen Twillie, Chuck Findley, Pete Christlieb, Dave McMorrow & Ben Benay. Surprisely NOT released on expensive Japan Import this time: Released on the reissue label Culture Factory - which means Limited Edition! So...What are You waiting for?!)
OLE BÖRUD: Chi-Rho (2002) (Re-release in 2012 of this great first solo album by the Norwegian great slick westcoast artist Ole Börud which has been deleted for awhile! Here he's making great covers of international christian artists great songs! This time it's as well featuring 3 bonus tracks! A Must Have for Your record collection!)
DIONNE WARWICK: How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye/Friends In Love (1983) (These 2 albums was before only released seperately on 2 very expensive CD's from Japan! Now they're released on the same CD!!! From the beginning these 2 albums were released in 1983 - the same year as her Gibbs-brother produced album "Heartbreaker" took all the charts by storm! So these 2 albums didn't really get so much atenbtion as they deserved! One is produced by Luther Vandross and the other by Jay Graydon, featuring all these slick Westcoast-cats that makes You smile when You read their names in the booklet of this CD! You will just L-o-v-e this CD! These 2 albums are SOO slick and puts Dionne Warwick in another division! Must be heard, and after that: Must be bought! Period! 78 minutes of 26 tracks that is just so great!)
BILL LABOUNTY: S/T (1982) (Yes! Since many years deleted incredible great 4th solo album rereleased in 2012 on CD again! A great true treasure! Featuring: Bill LaBounty, Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, Andy Newmark, Chuck Rainey, Willie Weeks, Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Greg Phillinganes, Clarence McDonald, Ian Underwood, Nyle Steiner, David Sanborn, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Chuck Findley, Lenny Castro, Nick DeCaro, Jonny Mandel, Russ Titelman, Patti Austin, Stephen Bishop, Leslie Smith, James Taylor, Jennifer Warnes & Gwen Dickey. There's not a single weak track on this whole incredible great CD! This is a REAL Must Have! When will it be deleted again? Import from Japan only of course!)
BILL LABOUNTY: This Night Won't Last Forever (1978) (Great 2nd solo album by Maestro Bill Labounty! Rereleased on CD in 2012 again! Import from Japan only of course!)
BILL LABOUNTY: Rain In My Life (1979) (Great 3rd solo album of Maestro Bill Labounty! Rereleased on CD in 2012 again! Import from Japan only of course!)
MARC JORDAN: A Hole In The Wall (A digital remastered rerelease of this great 1982 album that before was released nearly only from Japan and that has been deleted since many years! Now released in 2012 in Europe for a limited time! And that includes 2 bonus tracks as well! With the whole westcoast studio mafia: Steve Lukather, Mike Landau, Jay Graydon, Robben Ford, David Foster, Mike Porcaro, Richard Page, Steve George, Robbie Buchanan, Michael Boddicker, Mike Baird, Neil Stubenhaus, Lenny Castro, Jerry Hey, Ernie Watts & Ian Underwood! Released in a very Limited Editon, 1000 copies! AOR Heaven Classix.)
KOINONIA: All The Best (A Box set with super jazzfusion group Koinonia with abraham laboriel & company! Including all their since many years deleted 4 CD's PLUS 2 Live-DVD's - recorded in Gothenburg and Montreaux! These 2 Live-DVD's has never been released before and are unavailable elsewere! And this whole box set is to an incredible great price as well!)
PER-ERIK HALLIN: Better Late Than Never/Morgonluft (A Double CD set with this Swedish christian great artist including these quite hard to find CD's! Featuring musicians from Koinonia, Nathan East, Frank Ådahl, Anders Glenmark & the Swedish studio maffia! Very slick & very much in the Ted Gärdestad-vein!)
SALT: Saltboxen (A Box with the great Swedish christian rockers Salt including all their very hard to find 6 albums on CD plus a live-DVD titled "Rock För Fred" including various artists! For a very great price!)
JOJO: S/T (1988) (Rerelease of German AOR group's debut album! Now with 6 bonus tracks!)
JAY GRUSKA: Which One Of Us Is Me (1982/2011) (Japan Only, Remastered SHMCD)
JOHN O'BANION: S/T (1981/2011) (2 bonus tracks, Japan Only, Remastered SHMCD)
JOHN O'BANION: Danger (1982/2011) (4 bonus tracks, Japan Only, Remastered SHMCD)
DAVID ROBERTS: All Dressed Up (1982/2011) (Remastered, Limited Numbered Edition, 1000 copies.)
DAVID ROBERTS: The Missing Years (2008/2011) (Remastered, with 2 bonus tracks, Limited Numbered Edition, 1000 copies.)
DAVID ROBERTS: Better Late Than Never (2008/2011) (Remastered, Limited Numbered Edition, 1000 copies.)
KING OF HEARTS: 1989 (1999/2011) (Remastered, Limited Numbered Edition)
AIRPLAY: S/T (1980) (Japan Only, Remastered)
MAXUS: S/T (1981/2011) (Japan Only, Remastered SHMCD)
STEVE KIPNER: Knock The Walls Down (1979/2011) (2 bonus tracks, Japan Only, Remastered SHMCD)
JAY GRUSKA: Gruska On Gruska (1974/2011) (Japan Only, Remastered SHMCD) (First time ever on CD!)
MARC JORDAN: Blue Desert (1979/2010) (Japan Only, Remastered SHMCD)
MARC JORDAN: Mannequin (1978/2010) (Canada Import)
TIME GALLERY: S/T (1989/2010) (4 bonus tracks, Remastered, Limited Edition, 1000 copies.)
L.A. COWBOYS: Endless Summer (1993/2010) (Remastered, Limited Edition, 1000 copies, AOR Heaven Classix.)
JOE BRUCE & 2ND AVENUE: S/T (A real Hard-to-find-Masterpiece!)
MICHAEL RUFF BAND: S/T (Yes! That old 2nd album originally released in 1992 recorded in Denmark with the Swedish/Danish band featuring Nils Landgren, Per Lindvall, Lars "Denmark" Danielsson, Leslie Smith & Nadia Ruff! Now re-released & remastered!)
JAY GRAYDON: Past To Present (2006) (Hidden gems feat, Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, David Foster, Jeff Porcaro & others from "the Airplay-days"!)
CHIKUZEN SATOH: Cornerstones (1995/2005) (Japan Only, Incredible slick vocalist performs great westcoast covers in a very great way! Oh my God! Must be heard!)
BOZ SCAGGS: Middle Man (1980) (Classic Masterpiece feat. Toto, David Foster, Santana & many, many others!! All time favourite!)

Din skivaffär i Malmö

Det finns en charm med vinylskivor och CD skivor, men det kan vara svårt att hitta riktigt bra skivor i dag. I vår skivaffär kan du hitta både nya och begagnade CD skivor och vinylskivor (LP-skivor, Maxisinglar. Vinyl-singlar, EP och även stenkakor) samt musik-DVD från mer eller mindre välkända, men även massor av udda och svårfunna artister och grupper.

Inte alla vill streama musik, och som kanske bekant så blir aldrig ljudkvaliteten den samma om man lyssnar på musik på detta sätt. Många vill fortfarande njuta av musik från en vinylskiva eller CD skiva. Vi har i dag samlat musik från både när och fjärran, allt för att just du ska hitta en ny eller begagnad vinylskiva eller CD skiva från just dina favoritartister och grupper. Vårt motto är att det vi inte har på lager, det försöker vi skaffa fram om så önskas att beställas hem till dig utan några extra avgifter. Skulle du mot förmodan inte hitta det du söker hjälper vi dig mer än gärna att hitta ett alternativ som kanske kan falla i smak.

Vi har lång erfarenhet av branschen och har därför möjlighet att ta fram olika alternativ om du känner dig osäker på vad du är på jakt efter. Berätta för oss vad du tycker om och vi hjälper dig hitta både gamla och nya artister och grupper som är värda att lyssna på.

Samtliga av våra begagnade vinylskivor och CD skivor är i mycket bra skick. Musik är viktigt för oss och våra kunder, därför satsar vi enbart på kvalitet. Vi har även en hel del spännande musikfilmer på lager för dig som även vill se artisterna framträda.

Välkommen till en skivaffär som verkligen kan musik. Hos oss står alltid kunden och musiken i fokus, så kom förbi för att prata musik, lyssna på musik och köpa musik.

Blue Desert Music's Öppettider...
Blue Desert Music's ordinarie öppettider är enligt följande:
Måndag - Fredag 10.00 - 18.00.
Lördag 10.00 - 16.00.
Söndag STÄNGT.

För att hålla Er 100% uppdaterade över våra öppettider & eventuella avvikelser om detta,
så kolla regelbundet antingen på vår hemsida (www.bluedesertmusic.com), på anslag på butiksdörren härom, eller besök eller ring oss på tel: 040-184433, alternativt skicka ett email
Välkomna att besöka oss!

Med De Allra Bästa Musikhälsningar, Björn Söderqvist, Blue Desert Music.
Hipp! Hipp! Hurra!
Välkommen och fira att Record Store Day fyller 10 år hos Blue Desert Music Lördagen den 22:a april 2017 mellan klockan 10.00 -16.00!
Upplev exklusiva live-framträdanden av den amerikanska singer/songwritern JON STRIDER INNE i skivaffären - HELT GRATIS! (Två helt olika set: kl 13.00 samt 14.00.)
Passa på att köpa några av JON STRIDERS samtliga ÅTTA plattor till super-specialpris denna dag! Lyssna på JON STRIDER via hans hemsida: http://www.jonstrider.com

Fynda denna dag ibland Blue Desert Music's sortiment till verkliga specialpriser på våra redan låga kanonpriser!
Hjärtligt Välkomna!
Läs mer här nedan.
(Tack för att Ni delar och sprider detta evenemang vidare!)
Vi ses!/Björn Söderqvist på Blue Desert Music.
Stöd Din lokala fysiska skivaffär!
(Fotot taget av: Robin Renmark)

Hos Blue Desert Music kan Du som enda stället i Malmö nu köpa biljetter till Leif Carlsson & Husbandets 2 sommarkonserter i år på Månstorps Gavlar – en renässansborg från mitten av 1500-talet! Med vallgrav utanför med kväkande grodor! En helt fantastisk miljö!

Årets konsertprogram 2017:
Onsdagen den 26/7-2017 Viskväll med Mikael Neumann och Leif Carlsson & Husbandet. (Det lär nog bl.a. bli en hel del låtar från den kommande skivan "Andra Sånger Från Näset" som släpps i juni månad 2017.)

Onsdagen den 2/8-2017 Cajsa-Stina Åkerström med sin egen trio. (Den folkkära oerhört populära sångerskan Cajsa-Stina Åkerström är som kanske bekant dotter till legenden Fred Åkerström. Hon är känd för sin finstämda sång och sina starka texter, och är högaktuell sedan en lång tid tillbaka just nu med bl.a. den finstämda låten ”Röd” som har spelats flitigt i radion en ganska lång tid nu, från en kommande platta som förmodligen släpps med henne senare under hösten 2017. Cajsa-Stina Åkerström har varit verksam som artist under 90-talet och har släppt en hel del skivor sedan dess, och säkert kommer vi även att få höra hennes vackra låt "Är Det Så Här det Känns Att Komma Hem" med sin underbar text - hämtad ifrån hennes starka senaste CD "Vreden Och Stormen" som kom 2015.)

För tillfället så fungerar inte den länk här på hemsidan som annars hanterar våra mejlutskick gällande kommande releaser, nysläppta skivor, konserttips & annat matnyttigt.
Vi håller på att uppdatera vår hemsida.
Tills detta fixas riktigt och om Ni önskar bli uppsatta på mejllistan över våra mejlutskick så skicka istället ett mejl till följande mejladress: info@bluedesertmusic.com , skriv Ditt namn i mejlet och skriv "Mejlutskick" i ämnesraden. Okey?

Lördagen den 4/6-2016 kommer den suveräne jazzgitarristen Lee Ritenour med band till KB i Malmö!
Som support act har vi den stora glädjen att få avnjuta den otroligt svängiga jazzfusion/bluesgruppen Pelle Holmberg Group!
Så räkna med en supersvängig skön kväll!

Biljetter köper Ni "över disk" hos Blue Desert Music.
Först till kvarn gäller...
Biljettpris: SEK 350:-/st.
Dörrarna öppnar kl 19.00
På scen kl 20.00 (Obs! Scentiden är en "cirka-tid", så se till att vara där i god tid!)

Lee Ritenour's line up:

Lee Ritenour - guitars
Ben Shepard - bass
Wesley Ritenour - drums
Giorg Mikadze - keyboards, piano

Janne Goldman är en svensk rockmusiker & författare född år 1945 som är uppväxt i Stockholm med bl.a. förflutet under 70-talet i grupper som Gin & Grappo (som under sin storhetstid bl.a. uppträdde på ett fullsatt Stockholms Konserthus 1975), och under 80-talet bl.a. med sitt Rock Und Roll Gruppe. Båda dessa grupper med Janne Goldman utgav en hel del skivor. Han har sedan ett större antal år bott i Malmö och har även bl.a. utgett en del relativt storsäljande kritikerrosade böcker:
"Daniel" (2006) och "Svart Stad" (2007).
År 2012 utgav Janne Goldman boken "Summertime Blues" (som är en fristående uppföljare till boken "Daniel").

Blue Desert Music erbjuder Er att köpa Janne Goldman's bok "Summertime Blues" (med tillhörande CD-singel) FÖR ENDAST 29:-!!!
Först till kvarn gäller!


JON STRIDER: "Soul Reu...


MARC JORDAN: "Blue Des...

OLE BÖRUD: Chi-Rho (2...
Läs mer...
Den 1 februari 2014 släppte Malmöbandet Colorstone sitt 2:a album "Steam" och detta firades så klart med en releasefest på KB samma dag!

Den svenska melodiösa hårdrocksgruppen Colorstone från Malmö har på senaste tiden skördat en hel del framgångar runt om i världen.
Deras storsäljande debutalbum "Into The Garden" innehåller 17 låtar plus en bonus-DVD innehållande en dokumentär samt 2 musikvideor, och den har släppts som CD i bl.a. Sverige, Tyskland, Japan, Korea, Kina och Taiwan.
Colorstone's debut-CD har spelats flitigt på radiostationer runt om i världen i bl.a. Sverige, Tyskland, England, Holland, Belgien, Spanien, Portugal, Italien, Grekland, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan och Kina.
Det intressanta i sammanhanget är, att man i de länder där den spelats så flitigt i radion inte har valt något speciellt s.k. "singelspår" från plattan, utan att man har valt OLIKA låtar från CDn! Detta är egentligen inte så himla konstigt, eftersom hela plattan är "jämn-bra" rakt igenom!
Ruffig rock med bra melodier, bra sång & fräna guitar-riff! Med tydliga influenser hos grupper & artister som t.ex. Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix & även ett par stänk av U2 kanske t.o.m. så är det inte så konstigt att succén av denna musik-mix är ett faktum!
Gruppen bildades av: Johan Dahlström - Lead & Backing Vocals (ex Silver Mountain); Fredrik Bergengren - Guitars, Keyboards & Backing Vocals (ex Time Gallery, Mikael Wiehe & Tricky Track); Jonas Sandquist - Bass & Backing Vocals (ex Wasteland); Olle Nilsson - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals (ex Tricky Track).
Colorstone's debut-CD "Into The Garden har dessutom överlag fått mycket bra recensioner runt om i press och av publiken runt om i världen!
Detta bara måste vi såklart på Blue Desert Music manifestera på ett fantastiskt sätt! (Läs mer & lyssna här nedan genom länkarna här nedan!)
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